Warrior's Book!!!

Hey warriors!!! As a special treat for the special you, just you inside the Artist Kit, I give you my deconstructed, uncensored, raw and powerful Wariors' Book!!! As always, the photos are by the amazing Bobby Singh from @fohphoto @fohportraits!!! :)

They are large scale print-ready for you to enjoy as you like!!! Create your own art work, print a giant poster OR... You could make things easier and order your own copy of the Photo Book HERE!!!

The deconstructed version is not in the order of the print book, so it is a little puzzle for you to try and put together!!! See if you can figure it out ;) But no peaking your answers HERE!!!

Thank you for being epic and helping us release our gypsy-metal Warrior Saga album!!! Each like, comment, share and book sale count toward our epic release!!! I can not wait for it to be ready!!! :)

The first track comes out this October!!! Stay tuned!!! And keep on slaying my friends!!! Love, ~Vira~ Your Queen Forever

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