Lara Croft and Odin's Spear

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I have entered a contest from the composer of Tomb Rader Film Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL... and I need your beautiful views and comments!!!
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Lara Croft uncovers Odin’s Spear and with it - the power of a Pegan God. She is hunted by the Christian order to stop her from discovering that Pegan gods were real beings and not just ancient stories told by our ancestors. Odin’s spear makes its carrier invincible and defends from all - including bullets. Lara cheats death at every corner of her pursuit. This object, as old and long forgotten - is a powerful relic that threatens all Christianity today and could put the church out of business...
In the process of her raid, Lara questions faith and religion and is determined to preserve the ancient discovery as proof of physical gods walking among us.
Hi Tom,

I hope you get to hear my Lara Croft!!! (Submitted on SoundCloud with all Hashtags!!!😘💋❤️♥️🖤)

First I have to say: I love your score and love love your tutorials!!!

Now, down to business...

While I normally sit down and notate the whole thing - I approached this theme as I did my #GypsyMetal album writing process:

At my Roland KR-3, I played everything on the spot for the major part of the score...

Then I added my devilish shrills on the violin😜

I used the latest Lara Croft game model (2011) for reference as I really like the character development from an innocent girl to the fighter she becomes in the process. I believe that is the reason I like the latest film better too - it gives a composer much to work with, as opposed to just throwing the fight in out of nowhere. Nobody is born a skilled warrior - it takes work. I also love it because of your score - it had me shaking the entire film!!! I absolutely love your use of drums and the creepy Himiko theme!!!

I made up my own adventure for her too!!! [above]⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

My inspirations for the sonic scape in general were Indiana Jones: Crystal Skulls & an earlier The Temple of Doom; James Bond: Skyfall, and The Mummy trilogy - I love me some archeological action!!! ;)

That said...

Please enjoy my Lara Croft Theme attached and some videos of me performing to my original tracks.[below]⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!!!

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