Beginner Music Ear Training and Violin Technique

Become the Music Jedi, master the force of solfege - and earn as you learn!

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Online Music Coach automates your learning of solfege, sight-singing, ear training, improves rhythm and pitch, and provides foundation for violin technique. We help students learn and help teaches teach so that a student leaves a lesson equipped with an interactive online music coach to practice at home on their favourite devices! This will also provide relief and guidance to the parents of busy students, and serve as solution for time management issues for after school activities in music. This training is for young kids ages 5-14 or adults who would like to improve their brain functioning and mobility through music. Plus, our unique affiliate program allows you to fully pay off your course and earn money too! At OMC we believe that our modern education should fit our lifestyle, not the other way around.


A MUSIC STUDENT who has no time to practice?✔

Are you a PRIVATE TEACHER, struggling with student discipline in your lessons?✔

I hear you...

I have been teaching for over a decade and just two years ago - gave it up completely!


And who am I to offer you an online music course?...

Hi, my name is Vira Burmenko and I am a professional performing artist, dancing violinist, composer and music educator. Throughout my 23+ year active career and a decade of private students, I have burned out!

I did! I was working long hours and then coming home to only work more???

I created homework; worksheets, videos and practice calendars for over a hundred private students until 3am each day!

Does that sound familiar?

I was worried my students were not getting the best of me, because I was so tired and overworked!

Have you ever felt this way?

Then let's dig deeper...


Most families I worked with had 3-4 children and all of them had a ton of after school activities. It is great for the kids and they were gifted in gymnastics, sports, chess, not just music!

But, they were so busy that sometimes the parents forgot which kid had their lesson today!

There I was sitting and waiting… with my next student coming any minute, when both of them show up!

Has this happened to you?

I know you love your kids and your students and you do everything in your power to provide for them; to give them the future they deserve...

But, do you sometimes feel like you just need to turn off the world around you for a minute, or better yet an hour?

Press the EASY button and relax?

Wouldn't it be nice to check one or two things off your busy parenting list without doing anything?


Do you ever feel like Rosita?

It is time to grab that drill and automate your children's learning process!

Let me show you how I do it!

My OMC program gives the students an organized methodical practice, but most importantly - it gives you a piece of mind!

With me, you will know exactly what your kids need to practice and where to find it - all ready-made for you inside my Online Music Coach!

Your whole family can take the online lessons together! Have fun with the popular songs and tutorials!


According to my taxes, a single music student invests $2,000-$3,000 USD in weekly private lessons on one instrument a year...

But, what if you have three of four musicians in the family?

Can you pay $8,000 - $12,000 for music lessons?

No worries! - I got you covered!

Because all your children will be taking my tutorials together, at the same time or individually through the same portal - you save money tenfold!

Our learning process is automated to a healthy level of practice that allows you to leave the student to their 15-30 minute videos and 30 min written homework to follow them.

Meanwhile, you can step aside and pour yourself a glass of wine...

...or just relax!

Then, after an hour of meditating, email me their worksheets and I will grade them too!

To top off my time saving system…

Inside my program I give my students my secret recipe to learning anything in their music practice - the one thing that is responsible for my success as an artist, the one thing that opened doors for my diverse musicality...


The one thing that is dramatically lacking from Western Education!

This one thing is...

The Eastern European solfege system!

It is like learning the words to speak English! Once you learn your solfege names and hand signs - music speak to you! Every technique from then on: vocal or instrumental... becomes a piece of cake!

I will teach your children to speak the language of music! I will ensure they will know how music is made and where it comes from...

They will know why that chord progression in a One Direction song makes them want to get up and dance! They will know why that Miley Cyrus tune has sold to millions!

But, most importantly, they will know how to satisfy their musical needs by creating it themselves, instead of BUYING!

My mission is to educate a generation of mindful self-sufficient adults, as opposed to mindless consumers!

Speaking of the new generation...

Are your kids already taking private lessons?

Fantastic! I will be their weekly take home coach and make sure they improve by their next lesson!

You will not be wasting a minute of your time!


I grew up in the Ukraine, and at the age of seven I attended a music school in Kiev each day of the week...

We had violin; piano lessons, ensemble, choir, music theory, history, ear training, and performed quarterly recitals - like we do here at a North American university!

My adult education here was a breeze! Because I had a strong methodical foundation from back home!

Don't you think your kids deserve to have that kind of system to guide them and help them achieve their goals?



Did you know that music not only makes you happy, but it also makes you healthier and SMARTER?

I started lessons when my grade 1 teacher told my parents that it would improve my math! It worked! I got all A+s! Except music was also my calling and became my career...


Practicing and pushing yourself to master a new skill - overcoming difficulty enables your body to produce stem cells! They are unique cells that travel into places where old dying cells need replacement and they presume their function!


On top of it, recent studies showed that music practice cultivates emotional intelligence and increases the attention span in young children! Practicing music develops life skills that make up healthy successful adults!

Whether you chose to become the next Niccolo Paganini, Miley Cyrus, or just do music for your own pleasure - it is a



Beginner Music Ear Training and Violin Technique

Become the Music Jedi, master the force of solfege - and earn as you learn!

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Our goals at OMC are to raise the performance of your students through guided weekly practice - when they do not see their teacher for six days at a time!

And, with our unique business opportunity - you can become an affiliate and earn as they learn!

The coolest thing about already having students inside your school is that you do not have to look for customers - they already come to you!

Share OMC with your beginner students, and grow your school's budget!

As a result:

  • Your students are performing better,
  • they come back to their lessons,
  • they stay through the year; and...
  • your business is booming!

More WINS for you, your students and teachers!

The teachers have an easy take home guide - and free up a few hour in their day...

Because I have done the work for you!

I have invested a year of my life creating content for OMC, just for you, students like mine, teachers like me and busy parents, with whom I worked face-to-face for a decade!

OMC is your new secret weapon to outperform the competition!

You may be wondering:

How much is it? Your secret weapon?

The system that automates the very foundation of your learning process and helps you build the whole house?

I'll tell you...

That you do not need to pay the crazy amount of $8,000 - $12,000 for a family!

You do not need to pay $2,000 - $3,000 that one students invests in a year!


You do not need to even pay $1,000...

Are you excited?

All you pay now...

To get access to my OMC training, designed by me for you; our exclusive community of international experts, and study at your comfortable pace throughout a year!

All you pay is...

Drum roll...



But hurry!

Get it now!

As soon as we launch our prices grow to $699!

And yes, you still save a ton with $699!

But I want you to have it now...

And for $499!


Because you have stayed with me this far!

And because it shows me that you and I are of the same mind!

That you recognize a great opportunity and you act on it!

And that you are determined to improve the lifestyle around your music learning and make the dreams come true for you and your family!

This means that you are this someone I want to work with!

And you understand that

$499 is a small price to pay for living your dream!

Now let me ask you...

What is your peace worth?

Go on and press the EASY button!

See you on the inside!

Jump in - leave me your email - today and be the first to get in the program when we launch!
NEW! With your Ear Training Core Course you also get access to My 3-Hour One Direction Intensive! So, today you are getting:

Ear Training value$699 USD

Affiliate Training value $89 USD

One Direction 3-Hour Intensive value $27 USD


Total Value $815 USD

You get it for ONLY $499 USD!



Happy Practicing! ~Vira



I will teach you how you can make your course money back and earn with OMC too in my FREE Training!

Just join my email family!

Happy practicing!

Your Online Music Coach

Your Instructor

Vira Burmenko
Vira Burmenko

Vira is an award winning performing artist - a dancing gypsy-punk violinist, composer and a published author. Her hit singles are spun on over 70 FM stations across the globe and music videos screened in film festivals. Vira featured in film and TV, including on Netflix's Hemlock Grove, as a violinist. Vira is also a motivational artist collaborating with authors and entrepreneurs, to inspire young artists to pursue their calling and live the life of fulfillment. Vira's original silent comedy, "La vie d'un clown", written, scored and directed by her, won four international awards and screened in twelve festivals.

A passionate instructor who has trained students for over a decade, Vira holds an MA in Music from York University.

In the core of Vira's teaching methods are the Eastern European ear training, combined with contemporary musicianship, acquired in her studies with David Mott, Casey Sokol, Matt Brubeck, Bill Westcott, David Lidov; powered by a real life experience of fifteen years, working with clients like you.

"I believe our education needs to fit our lifestyles - not the other way around."


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Affiliate Training for Students, Teachers and Parents inside OMC
Learn to Build your Mailing List, Attract Clients, Develop Your Relationship with Them and Earn as you Learn!
Vira Burmenko
One Direction in 3 Hours!
Learn to SING, PLAY, CLAP and TAP your favourite song in 3 hours at my Heap of Fun Workshop!
Vira Burmenko

Original Price: $116

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Does OMC work for adult students?
Yes! My adult students and own parents do their tutorials and love it! The course is designed for adults who lead busy lives!
I already have a private teacher... will it work for me?
Absolutely yes! OMC does not replace your private lessons, instead we are a bridge between you and your teacher to help you practice when you do not see them for six days at a time!
For what age does the program work?
Children 5-14 and older, adults and seniors - because music learning is good for everyone!
Do I need to have previous training to start?
No! My beginner course will get you ready for everything! Just enroll and let's get started!
What payment plans are available?
We have bulk payments, early bird payment plans, monthly payment plans and I am also able to create a payment plan that works uniquely for you! Message me and let's work it out!
Can you help with RCM exams preparation?
OMC automated program does not focus on exam material, but I can do so privately for a separate rate in person and via Skype! Just message me! Email or Facebook.
Do you offer FREE private consultation?
Yes! I would love to answer your questions via phone (within GTA) or skype! At the moment your 30 min consult is included with your purchase of my laugh priced OMC system! Jump in and let's get your questions answered! To book your free consult with me, fill out my consult form listed below!
If I won a contest, how will I be notified?
I will email you your winning coupon - redeem it with the purchase and enjoy your wins! I will also our lucky congratulate you inside our Facebook Classroom! If you feel that I missed to notify you in time, please email [email protected] and we will work it out asap!
How do I join Facebook Classroom?
You need to be an active user inside Online Music Coach School - have an active profile, and I will add you to the group! If you have trouble accessing it - send me your Facebook profile and I will get you in right away!

To book a consult with me via Skype, fill out this form!

Email me: [email protected]

Skype: viravera3

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While you are thinking...

here is what others had to say about us:

"Over the years that I've worked with Vira in performance settings, I have come to appreciate her professionalism, hard work ethic, and enthusiasm. Vira is excellent at arranging rehearsals, and planning and coordinating details for gigs and performances.

Vira is also a creative composer, and excellent arranger of string music based on popular tunes (i.e. the Beetles, Broadway music etc.)

I would definitely recommend Vira for commissioned music compositions, arrangements, and gig performances."

- Miriam Marling

Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant at York University

"I have worked with Vira on two short black and white silent films, the soundtracks to which were composed entirely by her. She has a way of conveying deep emotions through her music that paint colourful stories. These films would not have been as successful without her artistic musicianship leading the plot. I highly recommend Vira and her composition and performance skills."

- Lena Burmenko, co-executive producer of "La vie d'un clown" and "L'amour d'un clown"Singer|Actor|Model|Filmmaker

"A beautiful gipsy soul in the body of a ballerina, and when she pLays her violin it looks as if it's a part of her. So fluid and so amazing."

- Mohhamed Hajjar - Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Blown away by Vira's passion attention to detail thorough precision, and dedication with her music, talented violinist and sharing very kind and patient friendly musician yes totally recommend reaching out to her! "

- Delon Ross

"I have know Vira Burmenko for just over a year. I'm proud and privileged to call her my friend and she has accepted my affectionate expression of referring to her as my adoptive God daughter. This multi talented young woman has shown a gigantic passion for her love of music, dance, and writing. She has shown remarkable style In contemporary gypsy rock music . A fiery blend of high energy and fast paced musical sounds with expressive dance has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with in this category of progressive music."

- Rick King, Big Music Supporter

"Vira performed at our wedding and she was absolutely amazing. She was lively, energetic and really got the crowd to participate. Everyone has been raving about her since! Highly recommended."

- Dani Sababa, Media Coordinator at B'nai Brith Canada

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